Fair Travel Tanzania

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Der Reiseveranstalter Fair Travel Tanzania Ltd. aus Arusha in Tansania hat folgende Definition von fairem Tourismus auf seiner Web-Seite veröffentlicht:

Was ist fair?

  • Happy customers
  • Fair salaries and dignity for staff
  • Support of local economy and national parks
  • 100% of profits benefit local communities for conservation of nature
  • all CO2 emissions are off-set locally

Was ist unfair?

  • Guides, porters and cooks do most of the actual work, are paid less than minimum wage and depend fully on the insecurity of tips/gratuity from customers.
  • You, as a customer, are held responsible for paying staff salary and are put in the awkward situation of deciding the value of a person’s work with no knowledge of the living conditions in the country.
  • Porter salary levels paid by most Kilimanjaro operators would require them to work at least 35-41 days/month to earn a descent living, which is of course impossible since a calendar month has maximum 31 days.
  • Guides break national park rules, disturb wildlife and terrain for more tips.
  • Porters are overloaded and get to eat only one meal per day to save cost, weight and offer cheaper prices to climbers
  • Staff who complain will loose their jobs since so many others are standing in line.
  • Much needed profits from Tanzanian tourism leave the country or increase income gaps.

Der Fokus liegt also vor Ort in Afrika vornehmlich auf den Arbeitsbedingungen, unter welchen die lokalen Mitarbeiter leiden.